7 Useful Tips for a Winter Move!

Planning a move in winter months are not easy for anyone – which for many of us can mean cold, snowy days.

While it may not be a hassle for everyone, winter weather still remains the same in many parts of the country, but the show goes on for INTEGRATED MOVERS GROUP. By god’s grace we’ve been doing this long enough that we’ve ace a things or two about moving during these dark winter days – no matter what the temperature might be.

If during the winter months you find yourself moving, check out some of our best winter moving tips below to tackle moving day in perhaps less than ideal conditions.

Move That Snow

Isn’t this obvious and worth repeating because safety always comes first! Be careful when moving around outside on sidewalks and driveways if ice is forming, or if the ground is filled with snow. Clean that snow right away to give you that grip to move things around.

Cover Yourself Warm

You know how the old saying goes: it’s always easier to remove layers than it is to keep adding them. Weather can be unpredictable at times during the winter season and during your moving you’ll be outside mostly so add those extra layers to keep you warm.

Prepare for Early Darkness

Now this is the most important tip for you to keep in mind specially during winters. The days are smaller than nights and it gets darker pretty early so to be ahead of time you need to plan your move in a way that everything gets completed before it gets dark in winters. Because if you’ll miss something in the backyard then you’ll only get to find it the next morning.

Watch the Weather Conditions

In wintertime weather can be unpredictable and it does so. Still, you want to do your best to monitor the forecast leading up to moving day so you can at least have an idea of what you might be experiencing on moving day. It will ultimately save you from uninvited snowfalls and hailstorms.

Protect The Floors

If you hire professional movers, they will provide floor runners to help keep the floors in your home protected, but there are also some steps you can take as well. Put old towels, worn out sheets or duster clothes to have around while moving in snow. You can also layer the old sheets on snow to help movers for safety purposes.


This is a useful tip for you to get going as you’ll be in a strenuous task and in winters, we forget that hydration is most important and body requires it in times like these. So, keep your drinking water handy in ample of amount for yourself and for the movers too.

Hire Professional Movers

Now this might sound a bit off the topic, but instead of using all these tips if you’ll hire professionals like INTEGRATED MOVERS GROUP then 99% of your job is done. We’re trained, equipped, and ready to handle the winter elements to get your move completed safely and efficiently.

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