Case Study

Case Study

Case Study 1

We are moving service providers in Canada, Ontario, and Quebec and we have been in the business for decades and have completed about 1500 total moves so far and we believe in the value proposition that we offer to the customer as a package. Our customer experience has always been at its best and our customers have always been giving us amazing reviews and  we wish the same for the future. We would like to share some stories with you in which our team has shown an impeccable effort towards their work in some very difficult situations. They showed full motivation towards their work & completed their tasks in the promised timeline.

We had been given a job in Ontario to move a residential property within 10 km of range. The conversation with the client which was followed up was of a number of boxes, but as our movers arrived at the location of the job, they soon realized that the goods that had to be moved were exceeding.

Even though our movers had bought some extra packing supplies, it wouldn’t be enough for all the things to fit. There were also some unexpected delicate goods which had to be packed with different types of packing materials and needed more care. Also , the client asked us to move their vehicles as well on the spot, even though we did take some extra charges for this service, but it was evident to our packers that the packing supplies and our moving trucks were not sufficient for all those goods. But our team showed extraordinary efforts and made new plants on the spot and arranged two more trucks, and arranged better packing supplies for the delicate goods. Our team carried out the whole project with good care and team spirit even though they faced a lot of traffic, they were able to complete the job in the promised amount of time. Our client was obviously very happy with us, he also gave us great reviews and promised us projects in the future which we really did get. So overall, we are very proud of our professionally trained movers who completed the work without a hassle.

Case Study 2

IMG – believe in the value proposition that we offer to customers as a package. Our customer service has always been excellent, and our customers have consistently given us great reviews, which we hope to continue in the future. We’d like to share a few stories with you about how our team has put forth exceptional effort in the face of adversity. They were fully committed to their work and completed it within the time frame specified.

We were given a project of shifting a whole office in Toronto in the radius of around 25 km. Of Course there were all the office supplies, moving chairs and tables, laptops, computers and a lot of other electronic items that had to be moved. It was a really sunny day and our movers had reached the location and had packed all the things, but suddenly the biggest fear of all movers, it started raining heavily. All the things were packed safely but of course since they were mostly electronic items, they had to be packed with even more care so that no water could get inside and ruin the goods of the clients, which would result in a loss. Our movers and packers without wasting any time arranged more packaging materials in the freezing weather and started packing all the items once more just to be safe. There were also important files and documents which had to be packed and taken care of, which our movers did very well. After the packing was done, they were on their way and due to heavy rain, they were stuck in traffic which could result in delay of their work and time. But our movers were calm and handled the situation well and delivered all the office supplies to the location and the client was really happy with the service.

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