Piano Movers in Greater Toronto Area

Piano Movers in Greater Toronto Area

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Piano Movers Toronto

If you’re looking for piano movers in Toronto, go no further; we provide the best piano moving service in the city! Pianos are fragile instruments that require extra attention and care, so you’ll want to make sure you hire the proper firm to move your piano, concert piano, or baby grand piano. Integrated Movers Group understands your attachment to your piano, and we know it wasn’t an inexpensive investment. This is why we only use the best people to work on our clients’ pianos. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we always make sure our clients are happy!

Are you looking for Piano Movers near me on the internet?

There is just one firm you should think about, and that is us! We specialize in piano removals. From start to finish, we have the experience, professionalism, and customer attention to assure service satisfaction. All of our satisfied clients tell us that we’re doing something right, and listening to all of their worries and unique requirements has greatly aided us in fine-tuning our service.

We carefully cover your piano with extra protection, such as blankets, before transferring it. When it comes to moving pianos upstairs or downstairs, we are confident and experienced. A service we provide is the removal or disposal of an old piano. A one-time fee is charged.

There is a piano tuning service available (after consultation with our piano tuning professionals). It’s just as essential to us as it is to you that your prized instrument sounds as wonderful as it possibly can. We’ve got you covered when it comes to piano delivery. We eat, sleep, and live pianos.

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Integrated Movers Group provides the most competitive piano moving costs in the business. Our affordable piano moving prices are available in all locations of the GTA. Mississauga, Brampton, Hamilton, Vaughan, Milton, Richmond Hill, Markham, and Barrie are among them.

Large pianos, heavyweight pianos, or moves involving several flights of stairs demand a great degree of competence and professionalism from the piano moving business. Our team has a wealth of knowledge and expertise. We move upright and baby grand pianos regularly, often numerous times!

Following services are included in the piano moving fee:

  • Dismantle the piano and reassemble it in a new location
  • Using moving blankets to wrap your piano for added protection.
  • Moved the piano up and down the stairwell.
  • Disposal of old pianos/removal of pianos (disposal fee required).

Reputed Piano Movers!

Our professionalism and knowledge come into play to guarantee that your piano transfer goes as smoothly as possible. Trust your piano relocation to experts who will make the process seamless, stress-free, and simple for you!

Our services include same-day ordering for professional piano delivery on the same day. We deliver pianos across Canada and the United States. Integrated Movers Group will assist you with long-distance piano transportation throughout North America. Our pricing includes full piano insurance with no deductible.

When you choose Integrated Movers Group to move your piano, the price includes all additional services such as piano disassembly and setup at your new location. Throughout the piano moving procedure, your treasured piano and home are secured.

Piano Moving

The industry of Movers & Packers Toronto is well aware of the citizen’s hobbies and interests. The most prominent one is moving the piano from one place to another. We take utmost care while packing, starting from wrapping the lid, covering the keys and all the corners of the piano. If you search for Piano Movers in the Greater Toronto Area, you will find Integrated Movers Group heading the list. Your piano is further wrapped with a blanket material for secured transshipment against breakage or scratches. Amidst all the precautions taken, another concern crops amongst our clients are the piano movers cost. 

With the hunt for the best piano movers in Toronto, you can always bank upon us. For the upright piano, we use piano dollies. For a grand piano, we use a particular piece of equipment, which are typically skid boards. And likewise, like ann apt and efficient Toronto piano movers, we shift such heavy items.

Pianos for Apartments & Moving Upright Pianos

Our piano movers lift and position an apartment-sized or upright piano on top of a piano skid when transferring it. The piano is then wrapped in protective blankets to avoid scratching, chipping, or other damage to your walls and doors. We use a second layer of shrink wrap to attach the blankets to the piano. Special straps are then utilised to attach the instrument to the piano skid. The piano is then put on a dolly and moved out the door by a team of piano movers. If one of our staff members has to transport a piano upstairs or downstairs, the piano skid is put immediately on the stairwell and carefully dragged over the stairwell.

Baby Grand Pianos and Grand Pianos Move

The piano movers will put up a piano skid draped with a moving blanket and covered with another one before transporting a grand piano. The pedal box, piano lid, and each leg will be removed by our piano movers until the piano is standing on its side, on the blanket, with the piano skid beneath. To avoid any damage, the piano will be covered in the blanket and shrink wrapped. We also wrap each dismantled component separately before transporting it to the moving truck as part of our service. The piano is then transported to the vehicle and its eventual location by moving it across any surface or stairwell. Moving a grand piano is a difficult operation that needs extensive planning and skilled execution, both of which Integrated Movers Group offers to its clients.

How to Place an Order for Our Services in Toronto

You may reach out to us by phone or email to request our piano moving services. You are invited to fill out the purchase form on our website if you have a lot of unique needs to specify. Don’t forget to include the location from which the piano will be moved, as well as the piano’s size and measurements, as well as your note with all of the above information. We’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible to go through the specifics and schedule a date. Our rates are determined by a variety of criteria, and we will provide them when we have gathered all of the information. Please get in touch with us if you require any further information. Take comfort in the fact that there is no obstacle or scenario that we will not be able to overcome. With our finest piano movers Toronto professionals, you can transport your piano securely and without issues anywhere in Canada.

Why Choose Us?

Our expert piano movers handle the relocation of your piano with the care, attention, and expertise that you would expect from the perfect piano moving business. Our extensive expertise has resulted in a large number of pleased clients who will attest to the fact that we are the best piano movers in the Toronto region.

Don’t waste time debating; choose the best option. We offer you a complete money-back guarantee. It’s safe to say that your piano is in good hands. For a long time, our Toronto piano moving business has served the Toronto region and the Greater Toronto Area, earning us a great reputation and a devoted client base. You may even place an order for our services on the same day you want them. Your time is valuable to us!

You may need to store your piano if you are renovating your house or temporarily moving to a smaller space. We can reserve a unique spot in our climate-controlled storage facility for your piano, which, of course, includes 24-hour security. It’s safe to say that your piano is in good hands.




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