5 Useful tips for Office Moves

Office moves are something that is a hassle for everyone in the office. Some people are worried about expensive computers, laptops, or other electronics while others are worried about their personal belongings. Any kind of moving is a headache and I think whoever here has done one themselves, they understand that. But not when you hire professional movers in downtown from the Integrated mover’s group. Or even if you get some useful tips for Office moves from professional movers & packers in Canada.
So, we have put together 5 useful tips that will surely come in handy while you are planning your Office move.

1. Labeling

Labeling according to priority and names is the best way which will help you in remembering what is important and what belongs to which department in the office. It would also be wise to develop a color-coding system that will help you remember all the boxes easily.

The other best option would be to use Packing name cards. Packing name cards may be placed in numerous locations in the boxes, and movers can utilize the layout guide to position things correctly. You may also leave name cards at the new workplace to assist the movers in properly placing the boxes. Usually, this kind of work is done by movers & packers in Canada.


2. Order equipment for the new office in Advance

After assessing the new location, you may order new furniture and equipment well in advance. Also, work with your suppliers to get items delivered to your new office right before you move in. This will assist you in settling in fast. This will make it easier for the movers in downtown to help you with the move.


3. Packing of Cubicles & Desks

One of the best decisions that you should take is that packing of the cubicles and desks should be done by the employees themselves. As they know the best about their desks and cubicles, it will be easier for them to clean it out and pack up more efficiently.

If you’re concerned about misplacing personal goods like pictures and plants, bring them home the day before the move. Even though you can trust your movers & packers in Canada, packing of cubicles and desks should be done themselves by employees.


4. Hire a Professional Mover

We know some of you believe it is easier and cost-effective to do the move by yourself. But let me tell you, it’s the opposite. It’s always stressful to do moving and packing, especially in an office.

You should always be careful while choosing a moving company, look at reviews and if they have ever done anything similar. Integrated movers’ group is one of the best moving companies in Toronto that will help you with your office move efficiently and easily. We have worked on many similar projects and our team is quite equipped to handle sensitive and heavy office electronics. They can help you with the packing of these items and then safely delivering them to your new office.


5. Packing of Electronics

If it’s an office move, it is very normal that there are going to be electronics like Computers, laptops, printers or any other machines depending upon the company. Well, packaging of these electronic items is very essential. The best way would be to ask the best moving companies in Toronto to assist you. You should pack them in bubble wrap for padding and then in some plastic for protection. And also, a carton or box for easy transportation.



It is very important that you do your office move carefully so as to not damage any item or lose anything. It is best if you hire a moving company as they are professionals and will help you in keeping all your things safe and secure. The Integrated Movers group has an experience of 1500 moves till date. We can move not just office furniture but also computers and other sensitive equipment. Integrated Movers Group offers the experience and resources to design and conduct the most successful office relocation to maintain business continuity for your personnel and organization, whether you are a small company office relocating across town or a multinational corporation moving across the country. We are one of the best moving companies in Toronto.

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