I know finding the best movers for your next move is a little difficult. But there are always ways to find the best ones out there. The first and most important step in the moving process is selecting a reputable moving company. Look for a mover who can provide evidence of excellent customer service, truthful advertising, and sound business practices.


We are sure some people think and believe that moving themselves rather than with the help of a moving company will be better financially but we would like to tell you that if your things are as much as that they can fit a bedroom then moving all by yourself is okay but when you are moving a whole house, you might need some help and movers in toronto are well equipped and trained to handle projects like that.

In this article we are going to talk about how you can find the best rated movers in Canada and also some things you should look out for while choosing a mover.


Let’s first talk about some of the things that you should look out for while choosing a moving company:


  1. They do not provide anything in writing like over email or anything but only on phone calls, you should always get a confirmation mail regarding the quote or confirmation. You can always consider Integrated Movers Group as they provide full confirmation and all documents in written and over mail which is a safe way to choose a mover.
  2. Also look out for companies that do not have a physical address
  3. Always check if they are certified with the Canadian association of Movers.
  4. Also look for real reviews on google. Check out the reviews of Integrated movers group and know that they are a part of one of the best moving companies Toronto.


Now let’s talk about what factors you should keep in your mind while choosing a moving company:

Ask people

Google is not always going to give the correct and right result you are looking for. You should also ask people around you if they have used a moving service or know of any good ones. This can help you get good options.


Get a Quote

When moving on a budget, it’s best to fill out online forms and call movers for a quote. This allows you to compare different companies to see which one best fits your budget. Give as much information as possible about the types of household items you’ll be moving so that they can provide the most accurate estimate. The Integrated Movers group gives the best quote in the shortest period to save your time and efforts.


Canada Association of movers

Before choosing a movers company in Canada, you should always check if they are certified with Canada Association of movers(CAM) and check for references.


Rule of threes

Don’t accept the first estimate you get. Instead, ask at least three different companies to provide you with an in-person estimate, as no company can provide you with a thorough estimate without seeing your belongings.


We hope that you find the best movers in downtown and these tips come in handy for you while looking for a moving company. For the best moving experience, you should check out movers in Toronto, Integrated Movers group, they provide the best services whether it be Long distance moving, commercial/ office moving, residential moving or even warehouse & storage facilities. Their website is easy to use and they give a smooth & safe moving experience to all their customers.

We know that moving can be really stressful and tiresome. And we are sure that there is some extra furniture or household things lying around which you obviously don’t want to take with you to the new place, so there is an easy way to solve this problem. While some of your belongings will almost ultimately end up in the charity pile, others that are more valuable can be sold. But how do you sell such household items when you move? You’re going to be kept busy with packing and moving, aren’t you? Fortunately, there are a lot of options for selling pre-owned items. Here’s a quick rundown of such options, all of which will pay you cash for your used items. Win Win !!


Facebook Marketplace

On Facebook Marketplace, there are some local sales groups where you can post photos of the furniture along with a valid description. There are many people in the group, and whoever looks it over and is interested in purchasing it can contact you. It’s super easy and great for people who are busy with work since you don’t have to message people to buy your furniture.



Craigslist is another popular way to sell your belongings. Every region of the country can access local classified information through the online marketplace. It is an easy to use website.


Yard or Garage sales

The best way to sell your furniture is to invite customers into your home or yard. You can keep furniture for sale here, such as tables, closets, and couches. If you believe these items are too old and do not want them in your new home, this is the best option. It will also assist you in gaining some money in return. This should be one of the first steps you take when moving so you have fewer items to bring with you.



eBay is an easy and online way for selling goods before you move, whether it’s clothing and accessories or electronics and sporting goods. Users can either list and sell items themselves or use eBay Valet’s “selling experts,” who will photograph, list, and ship the item for the customer.


The most important thing that you should remember is that before selling these items, you should always prepare the furniture. We mean you should clean it, remove any dust there is on the furniture or any other items. The furniture can be old but shouldn’t be dirty or shabby since nobody would like to buy it that way.


Integrated movers group would like to wish you luck for your next move and sincerely hope these tips help you sell that extra furniture lying around. If you have any issues or queries, please contact one of the best movers in toronto, Integrated Movers group https://www.integratedmoversgroup.com , we would love to help you plan and execute your next move.

Benefits of Hiring the Best Moving Company for your Next Move

Planning to move your home or office? Wondering whether you should hire a moving company or not? Then you’ve clicked at just the right place.

Moving your home or office is never an easy task to do. The whole process involves packing your things up, loading them into the moving vehicle, smooth moving, storage, unloading the goods at the destination, and finally rearranging them. Seems so long and hectic, right? But, with the best moving company, you are free of all these worries. You just need to select the best and your task is done. The rest will be the responsibility of the moving company.

If you’re still not sure about hiring a moving and packing company to make your move easy, look into this list of the benefits of hiring a moving company for your next move.

Comprehensive & Customized Service

From packing your belongings to rearranging them at your new location, moving companies provide a comprehensive and customized set of services. The whole job from packing, loading, moving, storage, unloading till the rearranging is done in the most efficient way. They also provide customized offers and services as per your needs.

Insured and Affordable Moving

Moving insurance is the most important advantage of hiring a moving company. A risk involved in any type of moving is the risk of damage to your items. However cautious you are, you cannot avoid it. But, with a moving company, your goods will be covered well under the moving insurance. In case of any damage, the company offers partial reimbursement or may even replace the items. Thus, wiping out the chances of damage makes your overall move cost-effective with the most affordable moving company.

Quick & Free Moving Quote

Good and reliable moving companies offer free quote & estimate that is easily accessible via their website. They provide a fairly realistic idea of the cost of your relocation. This way you’ll know the exact amount you’ll be spending on the overall move.

Safe and Secure Moving

With their team of expert professionals and moving staff, moving companies take due care of your relocation to the destination. The experience and testimonials of the company help you select the best movers and packers.

Storage Facility

For long-distance moving, the problem of storage is inevitable. Hence, moving companies provide secured storage facilities for your items. Even if you want to relocate a few things like your favorite Piano inside the city limits, the moving company does the job swiftly and securely so you can get back to your day.

Moving companies provide a secure, stress-free, and damage-free relocation. Hence, hiring movers and packers must be there on your to-do list. Now that you are aware of the benefits of hiring a moving company, you must be looking for the best option in the market. We have got you covered here as well.

Integrated Movers Group is the best moving and packing company, providing services across Canada. With decades of experience of its founders, Integrated Movers Group has become one of the best moving companies in Canada with the sole objective of providing quality service. Our services include:

  • Packing & Moving
  • Residential Moving
  • Commercial / Office Relocation
  • Industrial moving
  • Loading & Unloading
  • Packing & Unpacking Services
  • Warehousing Services including storage.

At Integrated Movers Group, we provide customized proposals along with our services. The safety of your commodities is our responsibility. Years of sincere and focused efforts by our team have always demonstrated this trait.

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Customer: I need to shift ASAP and now look at my house, all messed up!

Ting: Integrated Movers have got you.

Oh Yes, we tend to make your life easier. We move your every stuff from one place to another with an ease of time, care and cost.  We are spread across Canada and are diligently working to making shifting easier for you. This piece will help you to know more about the packing and moving procedure, so that you can choose the right intermediary for your belongings.

How We Do It!

We all know that migrating on a short basis is not an easy task. It takes a lot of planning including safety, cost management and after care once you have reached your destination.

Integrated Movers Group has made it much easier for you so you just have to go and pack your bags. Here are the steps which we follow for moving your space from one place to another:

  1. The Pre-exam: When we are at your home or office, we make sure that the things which need to be transported are in good condition, they don’t have cracks that may hurt or the basic that it’s clean and polished. This step helps both the parties to be ensured about the belongings. Now you can trust us!
  2. Cleaning and Packaging: Once the heavy furniture and other assets are check we move forward in covering each and every asset in clean bubble sheets, or carton boxes as suitable according to the things. We pack every small thing in transparent bags, so that they will be clean and not damaged.
  3. Loading Assets: Okay, so we have packed and handled everything with care, it’s time for action! Your assets are loaded in equipped trucks and delivered safely to the other end. Our skilled drivers have the experience of driving in any kind of bumps or turns.
  4. Lastly: When we reach at our destination we unload the assets, unpack them and set them in your new space according to your style.

Now, you must be wandering what do we carry with us that is so special that no other Movers Company has?

Well, we also assist in ‘Interior Decorating’ at your place. That means your new home, office or studio or any other place will be your happy place. Which furniture is to be placed in living room, how should be the counter table, should we hang this portrait or not, or should be use this rug here, everything is sorted with Integrated Movers Group. Other than these, you can also be a part of our community while visiting our website. All you have to do, is just subscribe with our newsletter mails and our team will send you latest updates via e-mail, so that you are the top of our every offer.

So, it doesn’t matter if you have to move your office, or move the equipment from your studio. Whether you are shifting to a new town, or have to just ward off extra furniture, just dial the contact “Integrated Movers Group” and we would reach out to you ASAP!


A very few lucky ones stay away from moving hassle, but the one’s who are extra lucky tends to think of Integrated Movers & Packers when it comes to safe, organized and nice moving experience. The team at Integrated Movers & Packers protects every item of yours be it valuable or not and make sure that it reaches their destination in the same way they were before getting packed. All your belongings are safeguarded by our professionals in the best possible manner. This is why Integrated Movers & Packers is one of the best moving companies in Toronto. Here are some of the points mentioned below that proves the statement:

Safety & Precautionary Steps

We adhere to the safety protocol with each moving project. Even if you have fewer items to be moved, our team makes a note of it and vulnerable items are separated for extra precautionary packing. We have all the packing accessories from small to big, medium to large depending upon your requirement. Our team keeps everything handy for quick action.


Do you even keep a count of how many and what all items you have in your house? Now, this step becomes more important while moving because if anything gets displaced then who will bear the cost of it and isn’t that stressful for you too. At Integrated Movers & Packers, the professionals make a complete checklist of all your belongings and try to ease off the load from your shoulders. A copy of the same is handed over to you before it leaves for its destination.

Putting in order

Now, don’t even think that we just pack and get going with the items. The process is a tedious and time taking task, our team sorts down every item and puts them in the order of packing. For Example, if there is a fish tank then your pet fishes are first kept in a vessel with water and the other accessories are left in the aquarium and packed safely while travelling. That is how we sort all the necessary items first and then pack them accordingly.

Final Move

These are just some of the services that make us one of the “Best Moving Companies in Toronto”. We would not be able to make it without our team of professionals who work very hard to complete every project on time and without a single complaint. Maybe you forget something to pick up, but our team never misses anything while on duty as they are highly trained and organized.

Therefore, if you are in Canada and looking for a trusted moving partner then “Integrated Movers & Packers” should be the first one to come to your mind. It is just not one of the Best Moving Companies in Toronto. It is a firm build on your trust and reliability in us which keeps us moving and together we can make your move perfect one.

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