Yes, you read it right! For a second think that Covid never entered our lives and everything around was normal but moving is not at all a simple task. Covid or no Covid, moving is a process that remains the same on routine days and difficult times. Movers in Toronto are making this process easier for its customers. Read more to know-how-

(a)         Safety First:

Our team of professionals are working in double shifts to provide quick services and serve you better. All the professionals are fully vaccinated and adhere to the safety guidelines without fail. We conduct mock drills to keep the professionals proactive in these difficult circumstances.

(b)        Communication:

Our team gets in touch with you, the moment you raise a request. Due to the pandemic, we are extra cautious of certain things like there should be fewer people in your house during the moving process as it will prevent the chances of any spread. Try and move your family first and there should be only 1 or 2 people inside the house during the process. You should not worry as all the important communication will be conveyed to you beforehand.

(c)         Packaging & Keeping aside:

We have all the measures to serve you better in these difficult times. We have come across clients who just want us to pick up their stuff, load it in a truck and move it to its destination. We have this provision too available with us for such clients. That is an add on service which we introduced during the pandemic times only. If you want the packaging and wrapping stuff please contact us days prior to your movement so that you have ample amount of time to pack and keep things aside and make room for hassle-free moving.

(d)        Online tracking:

We pretty much understand the situation and are co-operating maximum to save you from any kind of stress. Even if you will not be home and want us to take care of the moving process at your back we can do that with utmost care and safety. Through online tracking, you can check if your moving process has started, is under process, have our team left the place If the truck is fully loaded, Is the truck is off to the designated location and many more information like this can be procured through the online tracking. We got your backs so just place your moving request whenever you wish to.

(e)         Should I Move During COVID-19?

Sometimes a move is unavoidable, and we are all geared up in difficult times too. If your lease is already up or moving due to financial reasons or any Xyz reason. Don’t forget INTEGRATED MOVERS & PACKERS are always there for you. We will not only help you in moving but will also sort down all your confusions related to the move. Our team will also guide you through the whole process so that you are prepared to take a smooth ride.


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