We Make Moving so Easy

Customer: I need to shift ASAP and now look at my house, all messed up!

Ting: Integrated Movers have got you.

Oh Yes, we tend to make your life easier. We move your every stuff from one place to another with an ease of time, care and cost.  We are spread across Canada and are diligently working to making shifting easier for you. This piece will help you to know more about the packing and moving procedure, so that you can choose the right intermediary for your belongings.

How We Do It!

We all know that migrating on a short basis is not an easy task. It takes a lot of planning including safety, cost management and after care once you have reached your destination.

Integrated Movers Group has made it much easier for you so you just have to go and pack your bags. Here are the steps which we follow for moving your space from one place to another:

  1. The Pre-exam: When we are at your home or office, we make sure that the things which need to be transported are in good condition, they don’t have cracks that may hurt or the basic that it’s clean and polished. This step helps both the parties to be ensured about the belongings. Now you can trust us!
  2. Cleaning and Packaging: Once the heavy furniture and other assets are check we move forward in covering each and every asset in clean bubble sheets, or carton boxes as suitable according to the things. We pack every small thing in transparent bags, so that they will be clean and not damaged.
  3. Loading Assets: Okay, so we have packed and handled everything with care, it’s time for action! Your assets are loaded in equipped trucks and delivered safely to the other end. Our skilled drivers have the experience of driving in any kind of bumps or turns.
  4. Lastly: When we reach at our destination we unload the assets, unpack them and set them in your new space according to your style.

Now, you must be wandering what do we carry with us that is so special that no other Movers Company has?

Well, we also assist in ‘Interior Decorating’ at your place. That means your new home, office or studio or any other place will be your happy place. Which furniture is to be placed in living room, how should be the counter table, should we hang this portrait or not, or should be use this rug here, everything is sorted with Integrated Movers Group. Other than these, you can also be a part of our community while visiting our website. All you have to do, is just subscribe with our newsletter mails and our team will send you latest updates via e-mail, so that you are the top of our every offer.

So, it doesn’t matter if you have to move your office, or move the equipment from your studio. Whether you are shifting to a new town, or have to just ward off extra furniture, just dial the contact “Integrated Movers Group” and we would reach out to you ASAP!

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