Why is it important to hire a professionals for moving a piano?

Due to the numerous risks & dangers associated with the brave decision to move, a piano by yourself can result in irreversible damage to the expensive instrument, damage the house or apartment, or even cause a severe personal injury. Early in the home moving process, conduct a risk assessment to assist you in making the best option for you and your priceless musical instrument.

In reality, the best approach to be safe and stress-free when moving a piano is to know the potential DIY moving hazards and your limits as someone who isn’t and has never been a professional mover.

When you need to transport your piano safely, here are the reasons why you should employ piano movers.

  • Pianos are quite hefty

Just by glancing at your piano, you can tell it weighs a lot. But do you have any idea how much your prominent musical instruments weigh? The most miniature upright pianos on the market, spinet pianos, weigh about 300-400 pounds. Larger upright pianos range from 500 to 800 pounds, while grand pianos can reach 1,300 pounds.

But why do pianos have such a significant weight? The harp, for example, is constructed of cast iron, while the soundboard and the complete case might be made of solid wood. Professional piano movers have specialized piano moving equipment, such as moving trucks with motorized lifts that effortlessly and safely lift and load your large piano.

  • Pianos are rather costly

When you decide to move your piano, the first thing that comes to mind is usually how to minimize piano moving costs to a minimum. And that’s natural – after all, you don’t want to pay more than you have to, do you? Everyone is aware that pianos can be rather costly. Depending on its manufacture, model, and age, a piano may cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Yes, you must have spent a small lot on your wonderful musical instrument, but destroying it during a DIY relocation would not assist your argument much.

Even re-tuning your piano after the move may cost $150 $300, so the last thing you want to happen during a self-move is for your piano to be badly damaged.

  • Pianos can hold sentimental meaning for certain people

Pianos are lovely musical instruments that, for the most part, hold personal importance for their owners. It would help if you adored your piano and must have it in your new house, unlike lifeless IKEA-like furnishings that you don’t care about. You’re not debating the issue; you’re taking your priceless piano no matter what it takes, and that’s it.

If the piano in your house is a family artifact passed down through the generations, its safety and well-being throughout the relocation are critical. Why would you risk your valuable piano and your safety when you can hire piano movers for peace of mind?

  • During a transfer, pianos can easily be destroyed

It’s easy to be fooled by appearances. Pianos appear incredibly sturdy and even indestructible, yet they are pretty sensitive and can be quickly destroyed. How is this feasible, though? Pianos are complex mechanical instruments with many delicate working parts — some versions have over 7,000 internal factors! The internal sound mechanism and the playing mechanism are the most significant and costly damage a piano can incur while being relocated.

Broken keys and damaged legs or castors can create significant difficulties during a house relocation. Remember that your piano casters are mostly ornamental; you should never use them to transport your massive musical instrument outside of your home.

The least effective form of damage that your precious instrument may incur during a house relocation is superficial damage — scratches, dents, or fractures – along with the piano case. To avoid any harm to your precious asset, use professional piano movers.

  • Pianos need specialized transporting equipment and skilled hands

So, why do you need to employ piano movers? It’s pretty simple: transporting a piano between two houses is a dangerous undertaking, both for the piano and the non-professionals involved. When a super-heavy and super-big object is transported from one location to another, often hundreds or thousands of miles away, anything might happen, especially if the item is also fragile and valuable. While on the other hand, professional piano movers have the necessary moving equipment and know-how to complete the work quickly and efficiently.

What’s even better? You could discover that those specialized piano movers are less expensive than you initially imagined. Tell them the exact information – piano kind & size, pick-up, and drop-off locations, time limitations in advance, and so on the more precise piano moving quotation you will receive.

Best Piano Movers in Greater Toronto Area

Whether you’re the owner, buyer, or seller of a piano, Integrated Movers Group assures a smooth transition. We can simply transport a brand new piano directly to your home from the store where you purchased it. We always take extra precautions to safeguard the structure of your home during the moving process, which means we take extra care to ensure that your walls, staircases, and doors are not harmed. If your new house does not have enough space for your piano, you may utilise our world class storage service for as long as you need it. We also provide individual and private climate-controlled warehouse facilities with cutting edge security.

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